The EU Bot:

A Project by Jonathan Russell

The EU Bot is a program designed to analyse strings, and generate a prediction on whether the string is pro-remain or pro-leave, using speeches from political figures as training data. It was written in two weeks at my work experience at Seldon, thanks to the help of the Seldon team.

Languages and Libraries

The EU Bot is written in Python, using the Scikit-learn Machine Learning library and the Flask library for JQuery Ajax requests, allowing for a presentable web frontend written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The program also uses libraries such as NLTK for various smaller, but important tasks such as splitting up a string into sentences.

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You can read about the EU Bot in more detail at my blog post here at The source code is also available here at github, so you can take a look at how I have achieved the EU Bot.


by Jonathan Russell

The bot thought this statement was: